Seeking Perfect Flow For the Metro Area And Beyond

Plumbers Point

Here at Plumbers Point you will find advice from our Master Plumber and helpful reminders when our seasons change.



Do you have multiple plumbing concerns, and unsure of the cost to repair? Pressure Creek Plumbing can help.
We have a NEW program, designed for you, the homeowner to received an on-site evaluation from a master licensed plumber.
Give us a call to find out more about our PMI Program (612) 390-0701.


While this has been an upredictable spring, most outside sillcocks and lawn faucets are safe to be turned on.  We recommend turning your faucets on very slow.  In the event a leak is detected, we are here to help with your repair.

Smelly or Unfiltered Water

Do you have smelly or unfiltered water?  We can have your water tested to detect what might be causing your problem water.  We install top of line water softening systems, water treatment systems and to include maintenance free filter systems for your home or place of business.  Give us a call to schedule a service appointment (612) 390-0701 or (612) 360-8396.


Inspect outside discharge line and look for visual breaks.  Make sure discharge line is free and clear of debris, that might prevent exiting water flow.